12 February 2017

The Harlem Charade; Natasha Tarpley

The Harlem CharadeThe Harlem Charade by Natasha Tarpley
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Another book about finding/reclaiming heritage (will this be a trend? hmmm...). Under the guise of the ever-popular class project, Jin teams up with the odd-girl Alex to learn more about Harlem. Turns out, there's a mystery or two around: who attacked Elvin's grandfather? what happened to the paintings that Henrietta created as part of the Invisible 7 collective? While at times there was a little too much info-dumping and a level of implausibility regarding how Jin, Alex, Elvin and Rose are allowed to just roam around, the sense of place and history will perhaps encourage readers to learn more about their neighborhoods and history.

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