17 March 2017

Blood Family; Anne Fine

Blood FamilyBlood Family by Anne Fine
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Much of this was really well done, despite being one of those multi-POV books (please, can we just STOP THIS TREND???). Edward's life and reactions to the way in which he's treated are very real up and to the point he starts going off the rails. I'm not suggesting that part isn't real, as well, but it's the ending that bothered me: he seems to recover from that too quickly, too well. Or perhaps it's more that the author glosses over that part? Because I really don't buy that he's recovered, that it happened that seamlessly. And I don't buy that his descent into "problem" territory was that mild or short (again, it could have been the way in which it's depicted but still...).

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