28 August 2017

Telling Tales; Ann Cleeves

Telling Tales: A Vera Stanhope MysteryTelling Tales: A Vera Stanhope Mystery by Ann Cleeves
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

It's weird reading this just days after watching the TV adaptation: the difference between Cleeves' Vera (suffering excema, grossly overweight) and Blethyn's (with a "bit o'lippy" and some decent clothes she'd be attactive) is highlighted. Also, the differences between the print and the tv treatments, where settings several characters are either added or missing.

Still... Here we have Vera technically out of her element, asked in to revisit a case rather than investigate a new one because as someone out of the area she can be impartial. Only later in the book does Joe show up (and her thoughts about him? interesting...) to lend a hand. Early Vera is an interesting mix of self-aware and bull-in-china-shop and I quite like her.

This is Book Two in the series, and in a few weeks the new book (Eight, I think) is coming out. Now that will be great to compare.

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