26 December 2017

Prettyboymustdie; Kimberly Reid

#Prettyboy Must Die#Prettyboy Must Die by Kimberly Reid
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Ok, really 3.5 stars. This is one of the better "boy agent" books (think: Boy Nobody, etc.) because it's not too implausible. Really!

So, why only 3.5 stars? I wanted more of Bunker (can we get a backstory, please??) and, well, Katie annoyed me. Yes, she's a strong female (possibly older than we think) but there was something so flat and implausible about her that got me. And yes, I know that the idea of a 16-year-old expert computer hacker who speaks six languages and has mad fighting skills isn't the most plausible idea out there. Still... Katie annoyed me.

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