01 January 2018

Bllood Fable; Oisin Curran

Blood FableBlood Fable by Oisín Curran
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Set in part at a failing Zen Buddhist community in Maine and in part in a story woven by the unnamed 11-year-old narrator, this is in part a look at leadership and how it can go wrong. The author never tries to make the narrator too prescient, too old for his years (there are obvious things that we can conclude while reading that he seems curious about but doesn't understand) - a difficult line to walk and one that's been walked well. And yet... is he completely unaware? The story-within-the-story sometimes suggests that there's a parallel to the "real world" that would otherwise be impossible.

If only we'd gotten a little bit more about life in New Pond and a little less of the made-up world, this would have been a solid five star.

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