07 January 2018

Macbeth; Jo Nesbo

MacbethMacbeth by Jo Nesbø
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Oh, how disappointing this was. I love "the Scottish play" and Jo Nesbo, so what could go wrong? Well... to start, there was no real need to include all the characters in the original play (ok, maybe a few were left out, but honestly it would be very few). Let's face it, Shakespeare gave us a lot in that play and some editing could have been done by authors wanting to update or create a new version. Nesbo's trademark grittiness is there, but because he tried to closely hew to the plot it feels forced. And Nesbo forced isn't great Nesbo!

I did love the reimagining of Lady Macbeth as a fully separate person from Macbeth, the way in which we got insight into her motivations that we don't get in the original. Macbeth's even more of a cipher in some ways here, while Hecate is real and as dangerous as any god. The pacing is similar to that of the play, or Nesbo's Harry Hole series, with action followed by slow passages that really drag.

Having read many (if not all) of the Hogarth series, one question came up - how does the play/author match happen?

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