07 January 2018

The Other Mother; Carol Goodman

The Other MotherThe Other Mother by =Carol Goodman
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Less a mystery or thriller than a psychological suspense, with several moments of "wait... what?" thrown in, this story of Daphne (or Laurel) is really great up until the end, when the twists become just a little too improbable for readers. To be honest, that surprised me because this type of book usually doesn't have so many twists as to trigger that response, usually they stop just before then. I did wonder about the description of Post-Partum Mood Disorder and the support group - I have no idea how true the group experience is, even given the need to have it fit into the overall plot (more would be a spoiler). On the other hand, points for not including "girl" somewhere in the title!

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