19 February 2018

If I Die Tonight; Alison Gaylin

If I Die TonightIf I Die Tonight by Alison Gaylin
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Lost points because it became clear early on that the WHO was going to be a surprise/twist. I won't say more than that... Until that big reveal, however, there's an interesting look at how social media can play into a local story, and how people appear on the outside isn't always what they're like on the inside (which, duh, but still...). The other problem is, as all too often happens with multiple POV books, that the voices tend to blend together. While you can tell who you're following by the people they interact with and the interior monologue, the way in which each character thinks tends to sound the same. I just wish that this trend would stop!

Knowing that area of New York, it did amuse me trying to figure out which place stood in for Haverkill. Not that it matters.

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