19 February 2018

Murder on the Left Bank; Cara Black

Murder on the Left Bank (An Aimée Leduc Investigation #18)Murder on the Left Bank by Cara Black
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

It's still very unclear to me why Aimee is stuck in the 90s, because the technology use could easily put her in this century! As mysteries go, the question of Jewish refugee money and old secrets being revealed isn't new or all that different; what does make this new(ish) is the addition of the Hand and how far they'd go to protect their secrets. Another puzzle is how all-too-frequently Aimee forgets her daughter! It feels almost forced, that she is so focused on her job that being a mother (and staying out of danger) is almost unimportant.

As with all the others in this series, I do want to take a tour of Paris through Aimee's eyes (although, see the above re: 1990s and the question of which restaurants and local shops exist today!).

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