19 February 2018

My Name is Venus Black; Heather Lloyd

My Name Is Venus BlackMy Name Is Venus Black by Heather Lloyd
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

I so wish we'd heard more from Leo, less from others! There are far too many POVs (again! sigh) here, and once again they all start to blend together.

Venus' crime isn't explained fully until the end, possibly so that we get some empathy for Inez (aka Mom) but that doesn't really work. While Inez' motivations are understandable, she's just not presented in any way as likable. Tinker? He was necessary to move the plot forward but then his complete disappearance made no sense. The rest was predictable and that's not a great thing for readers - something, anything surprising would have been a welcome change.

My other problem? This is set in the 1980s. There's no real reason for that except it makes it easier to not include cell phones and other modern technology. It's not quite historical enough to be an interesting era, not modern enough to speak to teens. The only way we know when it's set is because the author tells us: there are no historical events, no musical cues, etc. that give a sense of anything to do with that era or a reason for that setting.

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