30 April 2018

84K; Claire North

84K84K by Claire North
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

At some point in the future, everything begins to belong to The Company. And The Company is nothing if not efficient - even crime has been monetized, so that every crime has a "dollar" amount (because this is Britain, it's really a pound amount) attached. "Theo", who really isn't Theo, but we never learn his birth name, works in an office that determines how much those crimes will cost the perpetrator, knowing that his very life is something of a crime. Then he gets mixed up in another crime and his relatively innocuous life changes as he leaves London for... he's not exactly sure where.

Told in alternating timelines and from the POV of Theo and Neila (a boat-dweller traveling the Grand Union Canal), there are moments when readers will be a little confused about who and when. Theo is really a blank slate, reacting to events more than anything. And those events? At times the action feels like more plotting would have been helpful, that things are a little too rushed to be plausible.

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