14 April 2018

A Lady's Guide to Selling Out; Sally Franson

A Lady's Guide to Selling OutA Lady's Guide to Selling Out by Sally Franson
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

This started out with the perfect amount of lighthearted semi-snark, but quickly lost that and became more about an out-of-control life starring a rather unlikable main character. Casey just seems to be completely blank and not terribly interesting, when with a few slight changes, she could have been a character readers root for and feel for. The life she thought she'd be leading isn't the life she is leading - less doing something with her English degree or being on tv and more trying to persuade others to do something slightly distasteful (no spoilers). Then things go terribly wrong, with not one but two incidents of what I can only call "ripped from the headlines" incidents and her life goes completely downhill. Yet none of that inspired me to feel sorry for her or hope things would work out (and some things, like her relationship with her mother, never do get resolved).

It was also interesting that at times the author played coy with brands and popular culture (the "curly haired girl staring at the New York skyline" poster from a tv series, for example) and then Real Housewives is not only namechecked but give a pivotal role.

Still, as vacation brain candy goes, you could do worse.

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