14 April 2018

Circe; Madeline Miller

CirceCirce by Madeline Miller
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

If you loved The Song of Achilles you'll love Circe. Miller's take on the myth is one that makes an immortal child of Helios all too human as Circe makes many, many mistakes throughout her very long life.

It's those mistakes - underestimating people, rushing into action where a little pre-planning/preparing could have saved a lot of trouble, or underthinking the consequences of something - that give this version of Circe's life so much depth. Centuries go by and she seems to not have learned. The passage of time is also done well, with the heroes of the ages, from Jason to Daedalus to Odysseus all appearing in what feels to readers as a compressed time frame, much as it must feel to an immortal.

It may just have been me, but there was a slight whiff of The Mists of Time here; sometimes I'd wished there was more of that in the book, but on reflection it was just enough.

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