08 April 2018

Paris by the Book; Liam Callanan

Paris by the BookParis by the Book by Liam Callanan
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

If only the title and the blurbage hadn't led me to believe that there'd be so much more about Paris!

The premise is simple: a husband disappears, the left-behind wife and daughters wait and then travel to Paris (based on a clue left by him) to search for him. It doesn't quite go that easily for them, but the life they make for themselves in Paris helps them get used to the idea that they can survive without him (although they keep searching).

What's missing is a real sense of Paris, even if it's through the eyes of an abandoned American wife. Leah's obsession with "The Red Balloon", or Robert's (and their daughter's) obsession with Madeline could also have been a lens through which to view Paris. Or their search for Robert. Instead, this is more of an emotional book; having said that, we don't really get a sense of Leah's emotions being really intense, even when she's alone. Everything here is muted when it could have been more varied, and please - more Paris!

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