24 May 2018

The Seismic Seven; Katie Slivensky

The Seismic SevenThe Seismic Seven by Katie Slivensky
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Starts out as a standard "going to do something interesting during Summer Vacation" book with a bunch of misfits but ends up as a Saving the World book. I don't know that much about vulcanology, or the Yosemite supervolcano, but with Mount Kilauea erupting this is a timely topic. Because this is one of the "save the world" books, there are times when belief must be suspended and, as a result, the characters don't really change or grow (a couple do, but certainly not all of the seven - and the adults are pretty caricatured throughout). How accurate the science is I'll leave to experts.

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