12 June 2019

The Chain; Adrian McKinty

The ChainThe Chain by Adrian McKinty
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Very different from the Belfast trilogies, but equally engaging. There's definitely less a sense of who these people are, of the history and the setting than in the other books but that doesn't matter. The Chain, similar to chain letters but far more dangerous, is a self-perpetuating kidnapping ring run by some mysterious voice (or voices) on the phone - but they've chosen the wrong victim this time. Rachel is determined not only to get her daughter back but to end The Chain's destruction of families; the way in which she does this isn't conventional, or necessarily believable. There's backstory to the creators of The Chain that also somewhat stretches credulity, and the last part of the book is somewhat faster paced, confusing and even less believable than the rest. Still, it's a fun read for those who like this type of thriller.

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