14 August 2019

The Furies; Katie Lowe

The FuriesThe Furies by Katie Lowe
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Readers will spend much of the book trying to understand why this was set in 1998 (I know I did, because there's nothing that would not have fit in to 2018) but at the end it becomes clear why. It could be seen as a version of The Secret History story, or perhaps the more recent Bunny, but for the YA set, but that part doesn't work as well. Every time Annabelle started lecturing it made the story drag some, and those lectures didn't seem to move the story as much forward as they could or should have. Violet herself is a bit flat as a character, somewhat passive due to the grief she's feeling over her sister and father's death; even in the middle of a real action sequence she feels removed and not particularly alive. It is also worth noting that this is set in England at a sixth form college, which explains some of the differences between what US readers would understand and how the school is set up.

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