20 March 2020

Sin Eater; Megan Campisi

Sin EaterSin Eater by Megan Campisi
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I kept vacillating about this one, with a semi-alternate history of England (Queen Bethany instead of Queen Elizabeth I, for example) and the idea of someone being branded and sentenced to being a sin eater, forbidden to talk unless hearing the confession of the near dying. There are lists of sins and their equivalent foods to memorize, some of which are make May - a newly created sin eater - gag.

Somehow, May stumbles into a mystery: a dying woman confesses, but at her Eating there is an additional item. Then this happens again. Who is adding this public display of sin to the Eating? And why? May's investigation seems to revolve around luck more than real detective work. There's also a question of why she was sentenced to the sin eating but that appears to get short shrift. Having said that, the originality of the parallel world and her life redeemed this story and the ending provides a good sense of "there's more to her story but you can imagine that part on your own," something a little rare these days.

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