01 September 2020

The Camelot Betrayal; Kiersten White

The Camelot Betrayal (Camelot Rising, #2)The Camelot Betrayal by Kiersten White
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Unlike the first book, The Guinevere Deception, this is closer to the Arthur story. However, we're still in a world that could just as easily be set outside that story. Example? The story of Tristam and Isolde is given a serious twist that barely resembles the tale most know. Another example? Camelot is a city with an eight-story high castle hewn out of rock (sort of like the city of Petra, in my imagination), which doesn't quite fit with the other versions we know. The female Sir Lancelot is still an interesting addition, leading to several possibilities that are hinted at now and may happen later; the use of magic and the clash between the old religion and the new are less stressed than in some of the versions but is still there. There are also interesting questions about identity and ones place in the world that are raised, and I hope they play a larger role in the next book.

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