16 July 2018

Folded Notes from High School; Matthew Boren

Folded Notes from High SchoolFolded Notes from High School by Matthew Boren
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Rounding up from 1.5 stars because why not.

Seriously, this was a wicked mess - from the author's note saying that folded notes were from the 80s/90s (uh, try long before that, including my 70s JHS/HS years) through the need to drop in cultural references so we'd know it was set in 91/92 to the fact that none of the voices felt like different characters. I remember notes in school and these felt almost as though everyone went to a different school! So few of them referenced a conversation they'd had in person, and even then it was more like "ok, we talked/met and here's what was said".


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