06 July 2018

Furyborn; Claire Legrand

Furyborn (Empirium, #1)Furyborn by Claire Legrand
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is the first of a trilogy, so of course there's a lot left unsaid and unanswered. Unlike many (most?) YA speculative fiction trilogies, this is sent in two different timelines that ultimately come together at the end... will the next book be only one timeline? We'll have to see.

How are Rielle and Elena related? They're in different times, different countries and have different abilities. The world Elena lives in, 1000+ years after Rielle, needs a bit more fleshing out in terms of the religious beliefs (which are a huge part of the earlier timeline). Knowing some of that might help readers understand what's going on. As for the Rielle timeline, far too much time was spent on those trials. More about the different countries would have been nice (my fear is that this will end up like the Renthia trilogy, where only at the very end were the other countries talked about and then only very, very briefly.

I should note that the publisher invited me to a dinner featuring the author, but that didn't influence my review.

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