28 August 2018

Grim Lovelies; Megan Shepherd

Grim LoveliesGrim Lovelies by Megan Shepherd
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Anouk looks 17, but she's really much younger (in human years). In fact, she's only been human for about a year and has no idea what she was before then. She's one of five "beasties" enchanted by Mada Vittoria, kept inside away from the "pretties" (real humans) and other members of the witch world, only seeing people who enter the Mada's home. Then the Mada is killed, and suddenly Anouk and her friends have a mere three days to find someone else to keep the enchantment going. But who? Another Mada? A Royal? That search will lead them around Paris and France, entangling them with humans, Madas, Royals and goblins.

As a start to a series this isn't bad, but the world building is at times rushed. There are several characters I hope to meet again.

eARC provided by publisher.

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