27 August 2018

Ignite the Stars; Maura Milan

Ignite the StarsIgnite the Stars by Maura Milan
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Ia Cocha is an outlaw feared by the Olympus Commonwealth, lionzed by those outside (like the Tawneys), and when Ia is captured, it's cause for celebration. Turns out Ia isn't a man, but a young woman, and when she's sentenced to the Commonwealth's elite equivalent of Starfleet's Academy, it's clear that won't go well. Friendships, betrayals, romance, characters surprising you by being something/someone different than presented - you name it, it's here. Of course this isn't a stand-alone, and the alternating POVs caused a loss of points. Still, it's great that this isn't a dystopia or fantasy but real SF.

eARC provided by publisher.

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