27 August 2018

In the Night Wood; Dale Bailey

In the Night WoodIn the Night Wood by Dale Bailey
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A very British sort of horror, with shades of Harvest Home and The Wicker Man and nods to Celtic gods. At times, it does go a little over the top with detail on the pub and house (and walls) but the wood's menace isn't quite as overdone. It's to the author's credit that we don't sympathize with either Erin or Charles, making the mystery of the Eol Wood, what happened to Caedmon Hollow (Erin's ancestor) and how his book "In the Night Wood" came to be written take center stage. There are a few times when the mystery/horror is a little too much, and the ending is disappointingly abrupt. Still, it's a quick read and perfect for a stormy, rainy fall day or evening.

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