26 August 2018

Monstrous Devices; Damien Love

Monstrous DevicesMonstrous Devices by Damien Love
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Golems are interesting, frightening creatures, aren't they? One could also argue that automata are similarly interesting and frightening. So a book that combines both with adventure and chase scenes (including one on the rooftops of Paris) is a book I want to promote to my readers. Alex's life is somewhat like that of Milo's in The Phantom Tollbooth, albeit with a bit of bullying added, and the excitement of the toys his grandfather brings him lessens that somewhat. But this time, the gift is a little too exciting and Alex's life will never be the same. There are many questions not answered, which makes me believe that this will be the first in a series (leading to one huge question: can the series maintain the quality of this book?).

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